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"I’m passionate about bringing something beautiful to this world."

Tiffany Garcia
FITE Future entrepreneur,

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"The Level Up programme has equipped me with skills, such as choosing the right career path, preparing for interviews and CV writing"

South Africa, South Africa

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"With our I’m Wall’s-programme we also care for lovely community spaces and clean beaches."

Miguel Marti
Out Of Home-Manager Europe,

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"The ‘Give H2OPE to Others’ initiative shows that even the smallest steps can have a big social impact."

Wendy Mastropaolo
CD Team Leader, USA

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"With strategic partners, we can scale up sustainability programmes and reach millions of consumers."

Alexandre Hennion
Director Global Customers, Unilever Europe

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"Amazing how a 73-year old lady saw an opportunity to start an Ice Cream business and employ elderly in Kazar, Russia."

Zafer Unver
VPCD, Russia

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"I feel happier when I see how life has become better because of Perfect Village."

Mai Dao
Retailer, Vietnam

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