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"In Traditional Trade, customer loyalty is influenced by how many lives we change."

Marlan Mardianto
Customer Development Director, Indonesia

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"Our Reforestation project with Carrefour is a good example of co-creation for sustainable growth."

Alexandre Thiry
CD Director, France

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"Amazing how a 73-year old lady saw an opportunity to start an Ice Cream business and employ elderly in Kazar, Russia."

Zafer Unver
VPCD, Russia

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"Together with Carrefour we inspire shoppers how to reduce food waste."

Laura Barnator
CD VP, Argentina

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"We join forces with MasterCard to empower small businesses in emerging markets."

Vera Markl-Moser
Sustainable Business Development Director, Global, Unilever

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"Our Business Day-programme with Metro provided tips for shoppers & shop keepers to act more sustainably."

Richie Romero
CD Manager, Global

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"At Unilever, we aim to improve the livelihoods in the communities we operate in."

Ana Palencia
Sustainability Director, Spain

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