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"The Level Up programme has equipped me with skills, such as choosing the right career path, preparing for interviews and CV writing"

South Africa, South Africa

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"Shakti means I paid off a debt I could see no way out of. "

Micro-entrepreneur, Colombia

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"The same line of work but with a purpose-driven approach is much more motivating and inspiring."

Shopper Marketing, Vietnam

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"Our Business Day-programme with Metro provided tips for shoppers & shop keepers to act more sustainably."

Richie Romero
CD Manager, Global

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"My mission? To employ women and give them a new purpose in life."

Raquel Silva
Ice-Cream vendor, Portugal

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"Retailers like Coles are perfect partners in amplifying reach & impact of our sustainable brands."

Kerry Miller
CD VP, Australia

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"The ‘Give H2OPE to Others’ initiative shows that even the smallest steps can have a big social impact."

Wendy Mastropaolo
CD Team Leader, USA

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