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"This project gave us the opportunity to support vulnerable families and deliver business impact."

Zeina Al Mouallem
CD Operations Manager, Lebanon

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"Empowering the fastest growing consumer group by ‘unstereotyping’ limiting norms."

Katja Freiwald
Dir. of Global Partnerships and Advocacy, Global

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"Amazing how a 73-year old lady saw an opportunity to start an Ice Cream business and employ elderly in Kazar, Russia."

Zafer Unver
VPCD, Russia

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"I’m very proud of how I’ve applied the learnings."

Aurora Tejada
part of Kabisig, Philippines

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"Coming to work every day – it feels good."

Dion Drew
Baker, USA

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"With our I’m Wall’s-programme we also care for lovely community spaces and clean beaches."

Miguel Marti
Out Of Home-Manager Europe,

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"Training youths to become entrepreneurs lifts them out of poverty and helps us to sell in rural areas."

Mennat Allah Sharkas
Emerging channels & regional sales manager, Egypt

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