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"Retailers like Coles are perfect partners in amplifying reach & impact of our sustainable brands."

Kerry Miller
CD VP, Australia

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"Growing Roots is USLP in action: coupling the USLP with the DRT to improve lives in low income neighbourhoods."

Alfie Vivian
Marketing VP, U.S.A.

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"We aim to create a virtuous cycle of sustainable growth that's good for people, planet and business."

Vera Markl-Moser
CD Sustainability Director, Global

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"When my husband left me, I had nothing. Today, everyone knows me. I am someone."

Micro-entrepreneur, India

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"The Ice Academy taught me about things like marketing and research. It also restored my self-belief"

the lawyer with a passion for chili sauce,

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"A strong on-pack call-to-action was the key sales driver."

Harun Celiksoy
Brand Manager, Asia

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"Training youths to become entrepreneurs lifts them out of poverty and helps us to sell in rural areas."

Mennat Allah Sharkas
Emerging channels & regional sales manager, Egypt

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