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"Shakti means I paid off a debt I could see no way out of. "

Micro-entrepreneur, Colombia

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"We created the Vaseline Healing Project to bring simple supplies and dermatologists’ hands to people in need."

Kathleen Dunlop
Global Brand Director, N.A.

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"A strong on-pack call-to-action was the key sales driver."

Harun Celiksoy
Brand Manager, Asia

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"Build relationships with retailers around sustainability to open up doors for valuable category initiatives."

Richie Romero
Senior Manager Sustainable Business Markets, Europe

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"In Traditional Trade, customer loyalty is influenced by how many lives we change."

Marlan Mardianto
Customer Development Director, Indonesia

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"Other laundry brands give free buckets, Radiant is giving knowledge."

Thailand, Asia

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"Amazing how a 73-year old lady saw an opportunity to start an Ice Cream business and employ elderly in Kazar, Russia."

Zafer Unver
VPCD, Russia

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