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"Coming to work every day – it feels good."

Dion Drew
Baker, USA

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"Ciclo Brilhante has given me the skills & strength to run my own business."

Ana Gallo
Entrepreneur, Brazil

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"Knorr 100% Natural Mealmakers respond to consumer demand for naturalness & sustainable lifestyles."

Harald Melwisch
Country Manager, Austria

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"My mission? To employ women and give them a new purpose in life."

Raquel Silva
Ice-Cream vendor, Portugal

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"CatEx is more than just a POS tool, it strives to empower and build families' lives."

Mian Datu-David
Channel and Category Development Director, Philippines

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"Amazing how a 73-year old lady saw an opportunity to start an Ice Cream business and employ elderly in Kazar, Russia."

Zafer Unver
VPCD, Russia

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"Getting this job was crucial for me."

Brand Ambassador, Pakistan

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