Hall of fame Featuring inspiring people who are the embodiment of Selling with Purpose

Our Selling with Purpose movement is truly about delivering value through values.

It is fuelled by people who are passionate about making a positive difference through their daily work. It is inspired by people who believe that business growth at the expense of people or the environment is both unacceptable and commercially unsustainable.

Take the opportunity to nominate a colleague that you find inspiring, a real embodiment of the Selling With Purpose spirit: a Selling with Purpose Star.

Imeshi Cooray
Assistant Channel Marketing Manager

Outstanding contribution to save 1.2mn polythene bags with project "No More Silly Silly" (Sri Lanka)

Odele Sheik
Desserts & Licensing Senior Brand Manager – Ice Cream South Africa

Ola Barbie Tub. Marketing Campaign reminding South African little girls that they can be anything

Guido Sermann
Coordenador De Vendas Senior

Every U does good thanks to Guido!

Rafael Yudi
Executivo de Negócios


Wambui Njoroge
Assitant HC CCD Manager

Wambui drove the launch of Lifebuoy in GT and grew it with purpose

Yvonne Ochieng
Assitant PC CCD Manager

Yvonne introduced gamification as a way to drive excitement amongst Sales Reps during Pep GT Launch

Fernando banhara
Líder de Negócios

Um Líder conectado com os propósitos da CIA, e sempre disposto a compartilhar seu conhecimento..

Adrienne Roberts
Associate Shopper Marketing Manager

Adrienne masterminded a 15 week university experiential tour "The Road to less Plastic"

Stefanie Green
Customer Business Manager

Stefanie goes above and beyond every day, bringing her passion and drive to make a difference.

Roquele Zilio
Líder de negócios

Uma líder conectada 100% com o propósito de estimular parcerias em prol de um mundo melhor!

Joamir Romanini
Lider de Execução

Líder nato, com todo o sentido da palavra, seu proposito de ensinar o que sabe, e o modo de como faz isso, o transforma em um líder que faz de seu proposito um exemplo de insipiração

Rodrigo Conceição Alves
Executivo de Negócios

Sua ética e conduta com o negocio faz com que todos ao seu redor se inspire em fazer o melhor sempre

Vagner Camargo
Executivo de Vendas SR.

Sua relação no dia a dia com o cliente faz toda a diferença para o alinhamento do nosso Propósito.

Clodoaldo Almeida
Gerente de Vendas

Referência em relação à diversidade e inclusão, desafia seus times buscando o desenvolvimento humano

Luiza Curotto

Sempre movida por propósito. Uma verdadeira embaixadora da diversidade na Operação da Unilever Brasil

Danilo Bastos
Gerente de Vendas Canal Farma e Execução

Danilo inspira seu time a trabalhar com paixão e propósito!


Sustainable development of CAT

Doan Thanh Nga

Works hard with purpose - inspiring.

Category Manager HHC

Cristina played an instrumental role in creating the successful CIF Clean Romania-program

Phan Khiem

I like him. He drives purposeful growth.

Dominic Prigent
SM MGR Canada

Dominic is passionate, talented and an Influencer! He presents captivating projects to customers!

Nancy Lavigne

Nancy shows kindness and leadership in her day to day actions. She has made a huge impact with Metro

Dominic Prigent
Shopper Marketing Manager, Canada

Dominic gave everything in order to make WIN @ Metro a success. Good job, Dom :)

Nancy Lavigne
Senior Customer Team Leader, Canada

Nancy + team truly make a difference at Metro Quebec with their passion and determination, building purposeful customer relations

Jeremy Dimailig
B2B Operations Manager

Launched the B2B app in the Philippines to provide sari-sari stores access to Unilever products 24/7

Tip Lua Tan
Head of CD Shopper/E Comm Insight - SEAA

She initiated CD Kabalikat immersion to discover shopper truths that led to clear business actions

Sandra Andres; Tatiana Requet; Hildegard Serrano
Dove&Moussel Spanish team

Dove&Moussel team is fully committed to embed the purpose of the brands and communicate it on pack.

Ummed Singh

Supporting Shakti's to grow by increasing their earning by selling more assortments

Gautam Kumar

Helping the Shakti's to grow by increasing their earning by focused approached of selling

Mohd. Akram

First TSO from Bihar Cluster(India) to have more than 1400 Shakti's,fully focused on their earning

Amit Singh

Really helped Shakti's increasing their earning by focused approach of Shakti investment & rotation

Anand Pal

Being a Shakti FSCE he has focused on increasing Shakti's earning by increasing their throut put

Somen Bajpai

He Deliver the Consistent Growth in Tough Time when under Trouble with his Family

Sónia Pereira
CCD Lead Home Care Portugal

Sonia enthusiasm with Domestos and Unicef campaign inspired all Home Care Community in Portugal

Samuel Osoro
Customer Development Kenya

Samuel is ‘Lifebuoy Man’ visiting schools, continuously inspires more colleagues to follow his lead

Inka Naumann
CCD Lead HPC Austria

Inka succeeded in landing DOVE SELF ESTEEM with top customer BIPA, generating 13% growth

Tina Berger
CCD Manager BPC Austria

Supporting self-esteem and promoting individual beauty

Anele Zunga
Country Manager

He is focused and committed to both business and people growth. He creates an inclusive environment.

Philipp Dangl
Key Account Manager Rewe

Helping children is always good, but helping others while working is a privilege

Juan Cespedes
Social Channel Manager Middle Americas

Thanks to Juan, Shakti is scaled with rigour + business impact, empowering 4.000+ women

Zeina Al-Mouallem
Shopper Marketing Manager Lebanon

For creating a refugee support program that drove UL sales and resulted in donations to UNHCR

Nicky Ong
Business Dev. Manager Singapore

For making Pepsodent & Lifebuoy market leaders in Timor-Leste + gaining government support for USLP

Afzal Siddiqui
Field Operations Pakistan

For rolling out medical coverage programme for Direct Sales Reps, reducing significantly attrition

Alison Castillo
Industry Relations & Sustainable Living USA

Alison has been instrumental in landing our GROWTH WITH PURPOSE-program successfully in USA!

Yvonne Gyefour
Channel and Cateogory Development Manager, Personal Care

Walks the walk and talks the talk. Results oriented and passion driven. Role model to all.

Nagendra Babu
Branch sales manager (Lakme)- South India

With his experience he helps FF to train and create an atmosphere where customers can grow

Maria Stareborn
Sustainable Business & Coms Dir. NORDICS

Maria wins over hearts & minds for USLP, internally + externally, and helps unlock business growth!

Nitilak Tuntiniti
Head of Activation and Instore Management

He support and coach me to make hard job to be eazy and make it Happen

Charlie Nelson
Customer Business Manager

Charlie displays passion in all he does and finds a solution to all challenges. True team player!

Natalie Gillquist
Customer Business Manager

Natalie has passion for healthy food, and helping people make smart decisions about what they eat!

Becky Hedgers
Customer Business Manager

Becky has the ability to keep everything "optimistic" and put a positive spin on every challenge!

Neva Lange
Customer Business Manager

Neva takes pride in creative selling. She is constantly figuring out ways to turn "no" into "yes"!

Sara Austin
Sara Austin

Sara is an amazing leader. She cares about her team and always helpful and supportive.

Tina Odom
Shopper Marketing Mgr

Unilever program tying in w/ Feeding America & Walmart Fight Hunger. Donated 9MM meals

Krishna Kumar.S

Driving all metrics with passionately.Been as a step in upgrading the team.

J Senthil

He is a passionate, dedicated person and invaluable team member, trainer also leader.

Alexandra Zanoli
CCD Manager Category Refreshment

When you can unite sustainability & authentic gelato pleasure - you have a prefect recipe!

Miguel Marti
| European Head of I’M Wall’s programme.

Miguel was the operations´leader of I´m Walls when the programme was created in Spain and now Europe

A Prabu

Created a Strategy in selling more lines, Resulted in TA more than 90% consecutively.

Cristina Brandusoiu
Category Manager HHC

She contributed in continuing a very impactful campaign " Cif Cleans Romania"

Tim Clyne
Customer Business Manager - HEB

Tim's everyday creativity drives Selling with a Purpose to a new level!

Eric Stafstrom
Shopper Marketing, Ahold/Delhaize

Eric continually enhances the iconic Feeding America partnership with Ahold to drive growth & impact

Kanika Sodhi
(previously) Team Lead, Wakefern

Kanika drove a holistic JBP with a 6-month custom program, Seed What's Happening two years running

Steve Kohring
Team Lead, HEB

Steve has epitomized Selling with Purpose at HEB, consistently elevating UL as a partner of choice

Jayme Jansky
Shopper Marketing, Value Channel

Jayme's Selling w/ Purpose work gained the Literacy Champion Award at Dollar General's Vendor Summit

Valerie Jensen
Category Management Innovation Team Leader

Valerie has a passion for solving complex business issues with breakthrough solutions.

Liz King
Category Manager Team Leader

Liz drives her team with passion - training and mentoring new employees to perform at their best.

Amy Kennedy
CMI Shopper Insights Manager

Amy drives UL sales with her deep understanding of the shopper. She brings the "why" to our "what."

Aaron Hagel
Category Manager Team Leader

Aaron drives category and UL growth with his passion for winning at the shelf.

Faizah Hajizi
Customer Development Executive

Faizah has successfully created collaboration to encourage youths to venture into IC business.

Ha Van Cuong
CD Capability Building Manager, Distributive Trade

He has built a very successful of digital training platform with many initiatives through UFSA in VN

Lorena Lopez Martinez
E-Commerce Manager, Malaysia

Her dedication has contributed immensely to Malaysia e-commerce world

Ana Palencia
Communications Director Spain

Inside & outside of UL, Ana wins hearts & minds for sustainability and unlocks incremental growth!

Minn Minn Ko
Channel Development Manager

He involves in building a positive relationship with our customers thru Edu Care and RDO programs.

Nang ShweYee Thein
Senior CD Excelence Manager

With Dedication and Passion, Nang creates Livelihood and Brighter Future in Rural Myanmar

Kyaw Win Naing
Field Execution Manager

He is energetic, passionate and has a strong sense of purpose in leading RAV & Amay.

brian barberio
cbm, walgreens

Brian's resilience, flexibility and work ethic are great examples of him selling with purpose.

meaghan devaney
cbm, walgreens

Meaghan is a passionate, dedicated champion of women in the workforce and invaluable team member.

kevin mallum
hair care cbm, walgreens & ulta

Kevin's energy and collaboration with the customer inspire us to be better leaders / teammates.

michael cappo
cbm, walgreens

Mike's courage with the customer and dedicated effort have yielded >$1M in trade optimization!

Matthew Littman
Retail Development Manager

Matt has the personality that exudes passion for Unilever and growth of our business.

Angela Colombo
Distributor Development Manager

Angela has been with Unilever over 35 years now. Her influence with customers is incredible.

Erick ondora
CD Excellence Assitsance

Erick shows love 4 customer. Physically ensuring informal trade retailers get supplied at <90% CCFOT

Erin Keating
Channel and Customer Development Team Lead - US Hair Care

Erin led the US Hair Care channel differentiation strategy through passion, energy, and leadership.

Birgit Griese
Shopper Marketing Manager Germany

Birgit is a sustainability believer from the beginning and acts like an activist in her daily work.

Anniek Mauser
Sustainability Dir. BENELUX

Anniek is passionate, creative and instrumental in landing successfully sustainable collaborations.

Zarfishan Nausheen
Key account manager - Int'l customers - Pakistan

Kudos 4 landing WaterSaver campaign @ Metro in collaboration with WaterAid! delivering +17% growth

Suleman Baloch
Business Dev. Manager - Metro Global

Thanks to Suleman, the Water Savers-program is delivering incremental growth @ Metro globally!

Jacque Jimenez
CD Sustainability Operations Manager

With Jacque's strong leadership, 100.000+ small retailers in Philippines are trained & earn more!

Nonny Merenu
Shakti Project Manager, Nigeria

Nonny's passion is exemplary. She makes a difference for thousands of women in Nigeria!

Aviv Okonkwo
Shakti Nigeria Assistant Manager

Thanks to Aviv's drive, 2.500+ women in rural Nigeria are already earning a living through Shakti!

Buks Akinseye
Global Partnerships Manager

Buks' passion for driving inclusive, sustainable growth is infectious!

Greg Ipe
Global CD2020 Manager

From upskilling to digitisation, Greg helps small retailers around the globe to earn a better living

Mohona Dey
CD Project Manager

With passion & resilience, Mohona makes the ground-breaking Mastercard collaboration work in Kenya!

National Account Manager, Romania

With Ramona's strong leadership, CIF Clean Romania-program is amplified with customers @ POS.

Category Manager HHC

Cristina played an instrumental role in creating the successful CIF Clean Romania-program!

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