Providing a Bright Future together: Unilever, Walgreens and ME to WE join forces to provide clean water in Kenya

In a nutshell

A three-way partnership is allowing consumers in the U.S. to help provide clean water to developing communities in Africa.

What’s the issue?

The incidence of waterborne disease and illness to families and communities in rural Kenya and other parts of Africa is a life-threatening issue. The provision of clean water is critical to help combat this. It also helps to eliminate the 30 kilometers (or approximately six hours) women and children in these regions typically travel to collect water every day – allowing children to spend more time in the classroom and giving women the opportunity to care for their children or to work.

What’s the story?

US drugstore chain Walgreens, Unilever and the ME to WE social enterprise have joined forces on the Give H2OPE to Others (#GiveH2OPE) initiative. The aim is to allow consumers to help provide developing communities in Africa with access to clean water through a simple store purchase initiative.

Donations are made when consumers purchase select Unilever TRESemmé, Suave, Caress or AXE products at participating Walgreens stores during a set period. This donation helps provide five gallons of clean water to a family in a developing community. Consumers who purchase two or more select Unilever products at Walgreens will help provide 15 gallons of clean water.

What are the outcomes and impact?

In 2015, the first year of the programme, Walgreens and Unilever helped donate more than 17.5 million gallons of clean water to the rural Kenyan village of Kipsongol. The donation was made through the construction of a borehole (a deep well) that helped give approximately 2,000 community members, including more than 800 children, access to 31,000 gallons of clean water every day. Consumers can track the impact their purchases have made by going online to enter the UPC code on the back of the each TRESemmé, Suave, Caress or AXE product package.

The Give H2OPE to Others campaign showcases how a great collaboration between Unilever, a retailer and non-profit organisation, with perfect instore-execution, can have a tremendous social impact ánd boost sales.

In Summary

“Our participation in Give H2OPE to Others reflects the mission of making it easy for our customers to take part and help make a difference around the world.” – Alex Gourlay, Co-Chief Operating Officer for Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc

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