"This project gave us the opportunity to support vulnerable families and deliver business impact."

Zeina Al Mouallem
CD Operations Manager

How the Levant CD team helps Syrian refugees while unlocking consumer engagement

In a nutshell

The Levant Business Unit launched an in-store campaign with Carrefour to help Syrian refugees: for every Unilever product sold in Carrefour Lebanon, Unilever donates USD 0.75 to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Given the success of this campaign, it has now being extended to Jordan and Iraq.

What’s the issue?

Lebanon hosts the highest number of refugees in proportion to its size, with more than 1 million Syrian refugees registered with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and a pre-crisis population of 4 million people. Taking into consideration the humanitarian and refugee crisis surrounding the region, the Lebanese are dedicated to the cause of improving the livelihoods of displaced persons.

What’s the story?

The Levant Business Unit felt compelled to get on the grounds and do something: with the help of Unilever’s employees, communities and brands, they were determined to make people feel better and smile, even if at least for a while. Thus, Unilever joined forces with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and Carrefour, and launched a Selling with Purpose campaign in stores to help Syrian Refugees. Smile with Us is a multi-brand donation campaign, with the aim to donate USD 0.75 to UNHCR for every Unilever product sold in Carrefour Lebanon.

The campaign was launched in Carrefour with disruptive promotional area communicating the essence of the campaign and inviting shoppers to contribute by purchasing Unilever products. Shoppers also had the opportunity to have a glance at the life of the refugees through the 3D virtual reality capsule. In the same time, 100,000 text messages were sent to Carrefour shoppers. The duration of the initiative was one month, between January and February 2017, as in the winter time refugees are especially vulnerable.


What are the outcomes and impact?

The promotion resulted in a huge sales uplift, while helping 400 families stay warm. Zeina Al Mouallem, CD Manager Levant & Iraq, shares that the project was very rewarding as it gave the team the opportunity to “…support the vulnerable families, while delivering business impact.”

What are the future plans?

With the success of this first wave of the campaign, Unilever Levant is repeating it in Lebanon and expanding it to Jordan and Iraq. In Lebanon, the campaign is going to continue in June 2017, when the team is going to provide access to healthcare to refugees.

In Summary

A great story of achieving growth through purpose from the Customer Development team in Lebanon. The Smile with Us campaign is an initiative that improves the livelihood of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, while unlocking business growth and consumer engagement.

To learn more, please contact: Zeina Al Mouallem, Zeina.Al-Mouallem@unilever.com

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