"Our Business Day-programme with Metro provided tips for shoppers & shop keepers to act more sustainably."

Richie Romero
CD Manager

Own Business Day at Metro

In a nutshell

We created a global toolkit aligned with the customer that had 6 markets executing in our “business with a purpose” activation aligned with Metro celebrating “International Own Business Day” on Oct 11.

What’s the issue?

As a B-2-B retailer, Metro champions independent businesses. We were looking for ways to incorporate sustainability in our Joint Business Plan. A global top-to-top agreement enforced a joined global sustainable business activation to really show that we as Unilever incorporate sustainability in everything we do.

What’s the story?

To help Metro differentiate by being the ‘Champion for Independent Business’ and at the same time drive reach to our consumers via our brands, we developed together with Metro the ‘Own Business Day’ campaign: a 360 activation that offered consumers great promotions and free sustainable business tips to help them be more profitable and sustainable. All our communication to customers happened in each outlet. We drove awareness and attracted consumers of our campaign through our POSM, engaged them with our sustainability content, and closed the sales with our attractive promotions. Even further, we drove awareness of ‘Own Business Day’ via our brands’ Facebook pages.

What are the outcomes and impact?

The critical success factors of this campaign was that we enabled the countries to localize it, with local content and adding local relevance and using local heroes.

We activated in 6 markets. To motivate the local teams to make this ‘Own Business Day’ and our partnership with Metro a great success, we created an award to recognize the effort of going the extra mile in this campaign. The success was obvious with great uplifts in sales in India, China and Poland, to name a few. We are now seen as a key partner for Metro on global Initiatives.

What are the future plans?

We’re building on this initial success with Metro to create a global Water savers campaign in celebration of the United Nations World Water Day on March 22nd 2017.

In Summary

“This is a proud moment for you and for all of us. This is fantastic recognition of the quality of work being done along with Metro team and your relentless pursuit for excellence in this difficult channel.”   – Lele Kedar, Vice President – Modern Trade Hindustan Unilever.

To learn more, please contact: richie.romero@Unilever.com

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