Knorr 100% Natural Mealmakers

In a nutshell

With a strong Point Of Sales communication approach, Knorr 100% Natural Mealmakers respond to consumer demand for naturalness and sustainable lifestyles.

What’s the issue?

Increasing consumer demand for more authentic, fresh, natural, and sustainably-sourced foods inspired us at Knorr to develop a range of 100% natural Mealmaker products, affordable by a wide audience. These products are made with sustainably-grown ingredients and with nothing but 100% natural ingredients: only ingredients that you could likely find in your own kitchen cabinet as well. It means consumers who care about natural ingredients can cook their favourite dishes such as spaghetti Bolognese more easily and more quickly, using Knorr Mealmakers, safe in the knowledge the product is completely natural. To boost sales, we needed to spread the message about this new product range.

What’s the story?

The Knorr brand purpose is to unlock flavour and goodness from everyday food from farm (by sourcing 100% of the ingredients sustainably) to fork (via nutritious cooking). In July 2015, Knorr launched 100% Natural Mealmakers in Germany.

Our building blocks for success have been:

MORE TRUST with consumers:

  • A premium range of 100% Natural Mealmakers was developed specifically for the German market in response to the growing demand for more natural and sustainably-sourced foods. Communication from TV Commercials to Point Of Sale (POS) clearly signalled the naturalness of the products (e.g. by highlighting ingredients such as vegetables or spices in the TV edit or on the POS display) and provided transparency in explaining the ingredients we use (and don’t use).

For that reason, the symbol of a magnifying glass zooming in on the clean ingredients list was used as a recurring symbol in Above The Line and POS material. In addition, brochures and displays at the POS explained every single ingredient used in our Mealmaker products – ingredients you already have in your own kitchen. Furthermore, we also actively engaged with shoppers as part of tastings at the POS. Placing displays for 100% Natural Mealmakers in the fruit and vegetable section further underlined the products’ proposition.

  • 50% of Germans are now flexitarians. We addressed this target group by highlighting on pack how the ingredients are sourced and how they can add value to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. This was supported by the launch of a 100% natural couscous pan dish and a vegan and vegetarian online content hub.
  • All 100% Natural Mealmakers receive a “vegan / vegetarian” label from the vegetarian association shown on pack.

MORE TRUST with stakeholders:

  • For the first time ever, we hosted a Knorr food blogger event, which resulted in 65 publications and over 250,000 positive media impressions.
  • Scratch cooks were also addressed on Germany’s biggest online recipe platform via a word-of-mouth campaign with a one million reach, delivering recipes as user-generated content, and a recommendation score of 94% that was then used in ATL and POS communication, further adding credibility to the concept.

What are the outcomes and impact?

Feeding the world sustainably is a major challenge. That is why the sustainable living brand Knorr 100% Natural Mealmakers combines a clear purpose with a long-term growth opportunity through improved nutrition, food safety and a more efficient use of resources. Knorr 100% Natural Mealmakers satisfy consumers’ appetite for naturalness and sustainable sourcing.

What are the future plans?

We will continually work to improve the taste and nutritional quality of all our products. By 2020, we will double the proportion of our portfolio that meets the highest nutritional standards, based on globally recognised dietary guidelines. The 100% Natural Mealmaker range has been gradually expanded with new variants – and is now being rolled out to dry salad dressings with 100% natural ingredients.

In the long term, we will unlock consumers’ preference for sustainability via the naturalness narrative.

In Summary

“Success – even in an extremely difficult food market like Germany – was immediate and overwhelming. And this is just the beginning of a long term naturalness journey for our biggest food brand in DACH and in Europe – Knorr,” concludes Harald Melwisch, Country Manager Austria.

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