Dove Self-Esteem Programme with Coles in Australia

In a nutshell

Boosting self-esteem of 100,000 Aussie kids while growing the category and growing Dove.

What’s the issue?

Did you know that only 20% of Australian women consider themselves to have high self-esteem? And that body image is one of the top 3 worries in life for Australian girls? That’s why Dove is committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence and not anxiety.

What’s the story?

The Dove team in Australia & New Zealand has been working hard to expand the Dove Self-Esteem project and so far have reached over a million young people in Australia through ‘body think’ workshops in schools. But with a target to reach 1 million kids by 2020 in Australia and New Zealand, Dove understands the importance of creating partnerships; and customers are the perfect partner in spreading the social mission message.

In August 2016, Dove partnered with Coles, one of the biggest supermarket chains in Australia to reach 100,000 Aussie kids with the Dove Self-Esteem Project (DSEP) through a joint campaign. This is one of the world’s first retailer partnerships raising awareness for DSEP.

To kick start the campaign, the Dove team undertook a social experiment where parents observed what young girls search for on the internet. The result was an eye-opening TV commercial which relays a poignant truth about girls battling with their self-esteem.

This customer-integrated campaign objective was simple: to raise awareness of the issue and to motivate shoppers to help improve their kids self-esteem by supporting Dove and Coles’ ambition.

What are the outcomes and impact?

  • Through the partnership, The Butterfly Foundation has been funded with $140k from Unilever & Coles to deliver Dove Self Esteem ‘Confident Me’ workshops in 150 schools reaching another 100,000 young people.
  • The Coles Account team at Unilever raised an additional $10k in fundraising activity.
  • The campaign was unlocked through exceptional in-store execution and visibility, with in-store displays running at 90% compliance across 700 stores – nearly every store in the country! This continued for the 3 month duration of the campaign.
  • Results 5 weeks into the campaign compared to a year ago are showing 25% growth across Dove haircare and soap categories.
  • Increased awareness of DSEP: Media reach through TVC 9.2 million and digital video: 3.5million. The press release reached 3.4 million.
  • The partnership also broke new grounds in e-commerce with the highest support unlocked from Coles among all our brands thus far.

There have been a number of learnings including:

  • Importance of co-creation of campaign with customer being key to unlock incremental support.
  • Ensuring the category story is prominent with the DSEP sell in.
  • Ensure there is a sponsor within the customer team. This customer sponsor can help to drive and engage staff internally.
  • Leverage global assets where possible.
  • Induction on DSEP was key for customers to build an emotional connection to campaign e.g. including customers on Dove Day.

What are the future plans?

Our target is to reach 1 million kids by 2020 in Australia and New Zealand, as partnerships play a vital role to extend our reach and impact, we will intensify our customer collaboration efforts going forward.

In Summary

“We believe that customers like Coles are the perfect partner in spreading the social mission message of Dove, amplifying our reach and impact”, says Kerry Miller, CDVP Australia.

“It was amazing to see the team activate a first USLP-inspired event into the Joint Business Planning with Coles. Taking the many learnings we are now motivated to implement more events for 2017, across Dove (version 2 of Self Esteem), Rexona and Omo. The USLP is truly our point of difference and we should be championing it with our customer partners at every opportunity.”

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