Carrefour Reforestation

In a nutshell

Unilever France and Carrefour engaged with Reforest Action to aid reforestation in France. This project has facilitated the planting of 100,000 trees in the areas of Landes, Lyon and Paris.

What’s the issue?

Following the commitments made during COP21* in 2015, Unilever decided to form a partnership with Carrefour and the Reforest Action organisation to increase consumer awareness about the importance of preserving biodiversity and transforming words into action. The campaign was launched to coincide with COP22** to reinforce our commitment to pledges made at COP21 one year earlier.

*21st conference of parties around climate change (Paris, December 2015)
**22nd conference of parties around climate change (Morocco, November 2016)

What’s the story?

Inspired by the French USLP theme “Transformons les mots en actes” (transforming words into actions), established during COP21, Unilever France decided to partner with Carrefour on the promotion: “For every three Unilever products purchased, one tree will be planted with our partner Reforest Action.”

The promotion ran over two weeks during October and November 2016. In total, 100,000 trees will be planted by the end of 2017 in three French forests. Carrefour and Unilever have also given customers the opportunity to learn more via a dedicated campaign website, three animations around good environmental practices in stores and by organising a lottery in order to win a trip to a forest.

This partnership between Carrefour and Unilever along with Reforest Action fits perfectly with our Unilever Sustainable Living Plan vision to reduce the environmental impact of our products by 2030. Once planted, the 100,000 trees will contribute to restoring degraded ecosystems, develop biodiversity and fight against climate change by absorbing 15,000 tonnes of CO2.

What are the outcomes and impact?

  • 100,000 trees planted
  • Three forests where consumers could plant trees
  • Three consumer events organised in big Carrefour hypermarkets, in-store animations were launched to showcase the initiative
  • Points of sale advertising were displayed in all Carrefour hypermarkets and supermarkets
  • Two employee events organised at both Unilever and Carrefour headquarters, reaching approximatively 4,800 employees
  • Two plantation trips organised for 10 consumers, one Carrefour team and one Unilever team
  • Unilever Value Market Share at Carrefour Hypermarket increased

This partnership is unique as it represents a real collaboration between a distributor and a supplier. It is a good example of co-creation for sustainable growth as it has raised awareness around Carrefour and Unilever commitments on sustainability.

Internal events organized in both Unilever and Carrefour headquarters have raised employees’ engagement and their proudness towards Unilever engagements.

What are the future plans?

This initiative marked the very first step in a solid and lasting collaboration that we are building with Carrefour. In 2017, we want to build real common strategic commitments and have common CSR objectives to go much further. In addition to a new promotion, we are working on an in-store device all year round to highlight the eco-responsible dimension of our products. This could be a cross-merchandising device to reduce waste for example and go much further on sustainable collaboration and the strategic common goals to reach.

In Summary

“We are very proud of this operation led with Carrefour’s team. It is the first time that we launched such an initiative with a retailer and we hope this initiative will become a big annual event with our consumers and Carrefour.” Alexandre Thiry

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