Unilever-Ahold-Feeding America Partnership: “Start the Year Off Right”

In a nutshell

Facilitating meal donations to local food banks via the purchase of Unilever products at Ahold stores through the joint Feeding America partnership, which is focused on eradicating childhood hunger.

What’s the issue?

Childhood hunger doesn’t always reveal itself to the naked eye. But one in five kids in the U.S. comes from a food insecure household – and those households exist in our community. Your child’s classmates, teammates or even good friends may not be receiving the proper food and nutrition needed to grow and learn properly.

What’s the story?

“Start the Year Off Right”

Ahold, Unilever and Feeding America came together just in time for the back-to-school season to help all children start the school year off right. When shoppers purchased $15 worth of Unilever products they received $5 in savings and triggered a donation of meals to children in need. They came together to end childhood hunger – starting in their own backyard. 

  • Unilever and Ahold helped local families and school children by donating meals to Feeding America
  • Unilever and Ahold helped families get back to a healthy routine with fast, fresh and easy meal solutions and personal care regimes
  • Unilever and Ahold helped bring deals and savings to shoppers
  • BUY $15 of participating Unilever products
  • SAVE $5 on your purchase
  • FEED people in need with 11 meals

What are the outcomes and impact?

  • 765 million meals donated to Feeding America and dispersed to local communities
  • Incremental sales of over a million throughout the campaign duration
  • 200,000+ video views on social media
  • Best collaboration with customer’s marketing, merchandising and divisional teams to date

What are the future plans?

The brainstorming and concepting for 2017’s Feeding America programme has already commenced. The team is focused on creating the most successful programme in its 9th year running. The bar has been set extremely high, but with the Ahold-Delhaize merger in shape there is an even greater opportunity for impact with a larger scope and more resources.

In addition, the model used for 2016’s Feeding America programme is being replicated for other USLP initiatives at Ahold in 2017. On Arbor Day the Ahold team will launch “Roots for A Brighter Future” – a campaign focused around planting trees in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts communities.

In Summary

“There is nothing more gratifying than working towards a common goal that makes a true difference to the lives of our consumers and the retailer’s shoppers, and delivers significant growth even after 8 years of this programme – and getting even better over time.” – Daan Westdijk (CD Director – Ahold)

To learn more, please contact: Daan Westdijk (Daan.Westdijk@unilever.com) or Eric Stafstrom (Eric.Stafstrom@unilever.com)

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