"WE ARE SELLING WITH PURPOSE to drive significant positive change for people, planet and business."

Keith Higgins
Chief Customer Development Officer

Our vision

Unilever’s mission is to make sustainable living commonplace around the world, and our 25,000-strong Sales community has a unique role to play in delivering this mission. As the gateway to millions of stores touching billions of consumers every day, it is only our Sales function that can bring this strategy to life at point of purchase, and with our unique scale and reach.

Our mission: Driven by our Sales people, our Selling with Purpose-movement will stimulate significant positive change for people and planet through embedding sustainability in everything we do as Customer Development community. We will demonstrate industry leadership and inspire retailers in brick-and-mortar as well as eCommerce to partner for even greater change, delivering superior financial growth, which is good for people, planet and for business.

Be inspired by our visionary video – just click.

Our 5 Commitments beyond 2020 and how we will achieve them

  1. 100% SAFETY AND WELLBEING of our people are pivotal and business critical. Everyday safety is so important, and for salespeople road safety is in focus. We have developed a road safety campaign which will engage everyone in CD. Our safety and hygiene protocols for our field force will ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy. We will create a grass-roots wellbeing-movement to empower everyone to be their true self, to be resilient and thrive at work, at home and in your community.
  2. We will be INDUSTRY LEADERS IN DIVERSITY, including gender, ethnicity, and diffability. We passionately believe in the power of diversity and we aim to stimulate change across the industry by being role models. We are committed to 100% inclusion in our teams. We will establish gender equality across our function. And we will establish 5% diffability integration. We will embark on a learning journey to become the change leaders we want to be for equality and diversity. We will upskill, reskill and shape the ‘future of work’, igniting a future-fit and purpose-led CD community, not just for Unilever, but for our communities and society at large, leading with purpose and sustainability.
  3. We will increase the reach of our BRANDS WITH PURPOSE TO 10MIO POS and move to 100% SUSTAINABLE POS MATERIAL. We will step up our partnerships with retailers, in brick-and-mortar as well as eCommerce and Out of Home, to create joint sustainable value and superior financial growth. We will demonstrate industry leadership and inspire retailers to partner for even greater change. It’s a win for everyone: our retailers drive shopper loyalty and differentiation, our consumers are incentivized to make the right shopping choices, we increase Unilever market share and jointly deliver sustainable growth which benefits people and planet. We will move to 100% sustainable POS Material across the globe. Our Golden Rules for Sustainable POS Material will help reduce waste and save cost.
  4. We will EMPOWER 5MIO SMALL ENTERPRISES to ern earn a better living and be future-fit by pioneering MORE INCLUSIVE BUSINESS MODELS that address some of the world’s biggest challenges, including unemployment and social inequality. We will partner with other industry leaders and help small retailers, distributors and micro-entrepreneurs to get access to skills, technology, micro-credits and other financial solutions, thereby empowering them to get a footing in the labor market and grow their businesses.
  5. We will make our CD OPERATIONS CARBON NEUTRAL. We will drive systemic change by embedding sustainability across our total value chain, from Perfect Store to Category Growth Management, NRM and iOPS. Our net zero target is cradle to shelf and includes the sourcing of all our raw ingredients right up to the point of sale. To achieve this, we will collaborate with partners across our value chain, to collectively drive lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Emerging digital technologies will help us to provide transparency.

We built this website to share the great work already being done across the world by CD; to inspire each other and to celebrate successes of new, scalable, repeatable models with enduring impact. But most importantly, we built it to encourage and enable everyone in CD to become part of our movement of Selling with Purpose.

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