"From Purpose to Purchase: Unilever, Hypermart and blibli.com support Bright Future."

Varyan Griyandi

So long old world, hello new sustainable sales growth

In a nutshell

Inspired by the worldwide ‘So Long Old World’ campaign’ this initiative worked in partnership with a major retailer, e-commerce site, local NGO and government to drives sales growth and brand equity in Indonesia.

What’s the issue?

The ‘So Long Old World’ campaign aims to engage society to abandon the pessimistic perspective that the world is full of problems and instead focus on building a new and better world for our children. A world where children can grow and thrive in a sustainable, happy and healthy environment.

What’s the story?

In the second half of 2016, the team in Indonesia raised awareness on children’s health and well-being via the 360° campaign ‘So Long Old World,’ with a strong focus on shopper engagement through retail activities and online.

The campaign kicked off on TV and digital channels, which highlighted how our brands, specifically Pepsodent and Lifebuoy, have contributed to better hygiene habits in Indonesia.

Turning purpose into purchase, we partnered with a retailer (Hypermart) and e-commerce site (blibli.com), in which every purchase of Lifebouy, Pepsodent, Blue Band, Domestos, Vixal and Rinso (big pack) would automatically donate a small amount towards the improvement of public playgrounds in five cities in Indonesia. This collaboration also developed a programme to educate the community on good hygiene habits and maintaining public facilities.

The programme was strengthened by gaining full support from the local government as public playgrounds for children was a high priority in their agenda.

We worked with local NGO partners to encourage people to volunteer their time and skills to educate more than 1,350 women and children on how to improve health & well-being and maintain pubic facilities.

What are the outcomes and impact?

In Hypermart stores, the initiative delivered a 20% increased sales run rates compared to last year. The campaign directly engaged 56 million people through digital platforms including the brightFuture website, Facebook, blogs, YouTube and Twitter. This increased awareness and brand image amongst the core consumer target.

What are the future plans?

Utilise the existing volunteers in each city to educate women and children from the communities in the surrounding the area to improve health and well-being and maintain public facilities. Local NGO’s will run an education session 3-6 times in 6-month-period to target 80-100 children and women in each city, resulting in more than 400 beneficiaries in the 5 cities.

In Summary

“The efforts of the team in Indonesia is an excellent example of purpose turning to purchase!”

Joy Tarigan, Regional Sales Director-General Trade, Customer Development Unilever Indonesia.

To learn more, please contact:

Joy Tarigan, Regional Sales Director-General Trade, Customer Development Unilever Indonesia, joy.tarigan@unilever.com


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