"With strategic partners, we can scale up sustainability programmes and reach millions of consumers."

Alexandre Hennion
Director Global Customers

Metro and Unilever launch global Water Savers campaign in 14 markets

In a nutshell

Saving water is an important objective on Unilever’s sustainability agenda, as well as for one of our strategic customers Metro Group. The Unilever Global Customer Development team partnered with the global Metro team and co-created the Water Savers initiative to promote sustainable business plans at country level. The program was all about empowering customers and shoppers to help them reduce daily water consumption by providing educational, inspiring and practical hints and tips. It was rolled out in 14 markets and resulted in improved sales and conversion rates, as well as thousands of gallons of water saved.

What’s the issue?

One of the biggest problems in the world is that water resources are scarce. Nearly 800 million people are without access to safe drinking water; in many countries, communities walk miles just to fetch water and women spend over 200 million hours a day for collecting water. Therefore, there is a need for more awareness regarding self-conscious water consumption.

What’s the story?

Unilever and Metro joined forces to raise awareness among consumers on water scarcity and drive sales. The global Metro and Unilever Customer Development sustainability team created a Water Savers Shopper Activation Toolkit. This toolkit contains all assets that markets can use to successfully launch the campaign across local channels. The toolkit follows global research and best practices of Water Savers, allowing each market to customize the campaign to local needs and brands popularity. The markets created 360-activation campaigns around the Water Saver concept, which simultaneously kicked-off on 22 March 2017. The campaigns were amplified via digital and traditional media, external partnerships, new launches and instore activations.

What are the outcomes and impact?

The campaigns achieved great results. In China, Pakistan, Poland and Hungary, incremental sales grew substantially, whilst saving thousands of gallons of water. The team in China received the Global Water Savers Award for being best in class of all markets, with reaching high sales uplifts whilst engaging millions of consumers in 28 Metro stores across China.

In Summary

“It’s inspiring to see how Unilever lives up to its sustainability slogan of “Doing well by doing good!” while scaling up the programme with a strategic partner to reach out to millions of consumers and customers across continents” – Alexandre Hennion, Director Global Customers Unilever Europe.

To learn more please contact: Suleman Baloch, Business Development Manager-Metro, Suleman.Baloch@Unilever.com

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