"A strong on-pack call-to-action was the key sales driver."

Harun Celiksoy
Brand Manager

Domestos brings brand purpose alive at POS and on-pack, reaching huge sales uplifts

In a nutshell

Domestos Turkey ran its first brand purpose campaign by committing to a three-year programme to supply 10,000 schools with 20kg of Domestos annually, helped by consumers purchasing special Domestos packs. This campaign showcases how communicating brand purpose on pack and in store can boost sales and increase positive brand attitudes amongst millions of consumers. Watch the video by clicking on the image below.

What’s the issue?

Some 2.4 billion people don’t have access to a safe toilet and 1 billion still practice open defacation. Every 2 minutes a child dies of a diarrhoeal disease. This can be prevented with improved water, sanitation and hygiene. Poor sanitation also has a negative impact on a child’s education, affecting their chance to reach their full potential and their ability to get a job.

Domestos is well positioned to take action to improve sanitation. The brand is aiming to help 25 million people across the globe to gain improved access to a toilet by 2020. We have already helped over 5 million people to do this, since 2012.

What’s the story?

School toilets are often not the most attractive of places, frequently lacking soap and having low supplies of toilet paper. This not only leads to a very unpleasant odour, it also increases germ count and illness. It’s no wonder that research on school toilets conducted by the London School of Tropical Medicine found that 36% of students preferred to ‘hold it in’ rather than use the facilities.

It was this insight that led Domestos Turkey to create its first insight-driven, brand purpose marketing campaign. The beneficial impact of toilet hygiene on pupil health and wellbeing has prompted Domestos in Turkey to run an education programme, with a leading NGO, called ‘Fun, Learn & Hygiene’ on toilet hygiene and handwashing in schools for the past five years. Its impact has led to praise from teachers, pupils and, more importantly, concerned parents.

Launched in March 2016, the brand committed to a three-year programme to supply 10,000 schools with 20kg of Domestos annually, helped by consumers purchasing special Domestos packs.

The overall aim of the campaign is to improve the hygiene of 12 million school children, and drive awareness and sales of the brand’s popular small and profitable bottle packs. Its message is clear – ‘Support Domestos’ Donation to Schools with this bottle’. This is supported by strong points of sale in-store and a TV​ commercial. Some 87% of Domestos users in Turkey and 86% of non-users claim they would buy Domestos to support this campaign.

What are the outcomes and impact?

The campaign has translated into strong sales uplifts. By putting the call-to-action on packs and supporting the campaign consistently across channels, we increased the volume of sales for our best-selling small size Domestos bottles significantly.

Consumer awareness of the campaign means increased recognition of positive brand attributes, such as Domestos is ‘made by a company that behaves socially and environmentally responsibly’ and ‘helps make the world a better place to live’.

The icing on the cake for the first year of the campaign was Domestos winning MediaCat’s Lovemark award 2016 for the Most Loved Household Homecare brand.

What are the future plans?

Today, Harun and his team are working with the brand’s global marketers to roll out the campaign learnings at scale. “The key is to create a campaign that offers a solution to a real consumer problem. That way, you not only win engagement, you also win consumer sales,” Harun says.​

It’s not only in Turkey that Domestos is helping children to have access to clean school toilets and to develop good hygiene practices; they are also doing this in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in South Africa. The brand teams are cooperating with schools to develop educational programmes for children.

In South Africa, over 1,100 schools will be reached by the end of 2017, which is over 1 million learners. This is being done with the School Toilet Renovation Project and School Education via the Germbusters Club – a 21-day programme which helps children to develop good hygiene and toilet habits.

In Central and Eastern Europe, schools can participate in a contest to win funding to refurbish school toilet facilities. In 2015, 176,264 students were reached.

In summary
“Domestos is an iconic brand in Turkey. It already has 50% of shelf-share in store, so a strong on-pack call-to-action was considered to be a key sales driver by the brand team.” Harun Celiksoy, Brand Manager and campaign lead.

To learn more, please contact: Harun Celiksoy, harun.celiksoy@unilever.com

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